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immediately access an untapped revenue stream for your ministries, give more toward Kingdom causes, add critical value for your employees that increases their sense of safety and creates the peace of mind they are already searching for...all with a stroke of your pen? The reality is, you can.

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• Defend the vital personal interests of your employees

• Foster a more safe and secure organizational culture

• Create a more stable and loyal following among constituents


• Establish passive cashflow that helps support operations and mission

• Introduce an unplanned surplus into your current financial projections

• Increase capacity within this years fiscal budget


• Equip local agencies to feed 15,000 more marginalized children

• Provide shelter to over 800 men and women who are experiencing homelessness

• Move resources to help strengthen marriages at 6 national conferences in 2019

• Send 5,000 more kids to Christian camp

In a world filled with increasing litigious action, broken commitments and confusing technological advances your people are looking for safety and peace of mind - you HAVE the keys to those critical NEEDS within your grasp.


Collaborative Connections for Christ seeks to come alongside leaders like you, to form partnerships with Christian organizations, in order to create revenue for the organization as well as adding value to their constituents.


What is it that moves you? That makes your heart sing?  What is it that causes those tear-producing emotions to spring from deep within you? 


When I was just 9 years old, I made my first pledge to support the missionary effort of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Why?  I was stirred in my heart when I would hear missionaries tell of tribes of people who had never heard of Christ, having their hearts transformed by the Gospel message.  I wanted to have a part.

When I was 15, I felt God calling me into full-time ministry.  Although Ruth and I served as pastor and wife of a small church and later served in a local church in Lima, Peru, our main ministry was as dorm-parents to 87 missionary children over a 15 year period.  With many of them serving the Lord in some capacity or other, I feel that we have contributed in some small way to the work that they are accomplishing.

Now in my late 60’s, I still find that I am moved to tears when I hear what God is doing around the world.  My heart rejoices to hear of a life that has been transformed and now serving the King of Kings.

I know there are those of you who are moved by the impact that Christian ministries are having.  People are being freed from Human Trafficking.  Drinking water, so vital to human life, is being provided in remote areas. Families who foster and adopt children are being supported.    Christian leaders are being trained to further the Gospel message.  Christian Camps are seeing thousands come to know Christ each year through their programs.  

I wish I could support all of them!!  Several years ago, God laid on my heart a program that could support each and every one of these ministries.  Through Collaborative Connections for Christ, partnerships are formed with Christian organizations and LegalShield.  When a person signs up for LegalShield through the Christian organization, the commission and residual income is paid by LegalShield to the organization.  Instead of paying a representative, revenue is generated for the ministries of that organization.  It’s just that simple!  

How many people do you know who need their Will package done or updated? Who want to adopt and can’t afford the attorney fees?  Who would just like access to a major law-firm nationwide for less than a dollar a day?  And how many are concerned about Identity Theft?  Many Christian companies and Christian organizations already offer LegalShield as an Employee Benefit.   The services have proven to be a huge blessing for families all across the U.S. and Canada. 

Collaborative Connections for Christ provides a way for all of us to be involved in funding the ministries we care most about.  We are looking for Christian Organizations who will partner with us.  We also need people like you who will spread word about the benefits of LegalShield with those who need the service.  Every person who enrolls provides income for ministries.  

Yours in Christ,

John Rollins



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